Internet Advertising, Search Engine Optimization Answers For Your Business
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What are you looking for with your website? Is it a site you would like your current clients and customers to visit AFTER you've met them, or are you looking for fresh, new customers that will rely on your website to tell them about you and your services?

We do not mass produce sites with the 'perfect' look. Every website we create is designed to be unique, fit your personality and offer your visitors unique and useful content.

There are two ways to be found online, through paid ad placement and through natural/organic searches.

Each way has it's advantages. Paid ads tend to get your name on the top of the page. Organic search results, done properly, give a certain gravitas to your website. Almost anybody can buy an ad, although Google and Yahoo have both been working to get quality, relevent ads with searches. Which is best for you? A hundred different experts will give you a hundred different answers. Our philiosophy is, let our results speak for themselves. Whether you are a California-based business just working in your local area, or if you are looking for new clients in Maine and the Virgin Islands. Search Engine Optimization can save your budget in print and media advertising.

Results? Our primary website gets over 1.5 million page views every month. We experiment, try and learn the latest algorithms on ourselves. We know what works, and know what works best. We have over 250,000,000 page views and untold millions of visitors under our collective belt. Whether you are looking for a hundred visitors a month or hundreds of thousands, we can help you reach your goals.

Items we consider:
Website Architecture
YOUR Personality
Develop Search Strategy
Keyword Development
Top Search Phrases
Optimize Your Content
Local Results?
National Results?
International Results?

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is the key to getting YOUR WEBSITE in front of new customers and clients, maximizing your already-running ads and brand recognition.

SEM - Search Engine Marketing to make your products and services available to the maximum number of potential customers.

We Are 'White Hat' - that means we do not use any risky 'tricks' to give you temporary results that could get you banned later. We follow the rules, suggestions and requirements of every major search engine. We Don't Cheat.

SERPs - Search Engine Results Pages/Placement via unique content that reflects your services, products and values.

How We Do It - We look at your online competition. Who ranks on page one? Why? We strive to make sure your website appears on page one, ahead of your competition, and ahead of the lists of lists that appear in many search results.
We make sure your website is cohesive, factually accurate and reflects your personality, products and services.

Website development and re-development - we look at your current content and consult with you to make your content unique and search-engine friendly.

Follow Up - a perfect website isn't produced, made once, placed online and forgotten. Search engines like sites that are alive, changing and active. We offer a monthly, quarterly, even weekly "tweaking" update services that will help the search engines (and your regular customers) see a vibrant, vital website.

Our Guarantee - some aspects of search engine optimization are out of our control. Time of acceptance by search engines, your competition and other factors can make the process seem slow, especially for an eager business owner. WE DO NOT ASK FOR OR RECIEVE THE BULK OF OUR FEE UNTIL RESULTS HAVE OCCURRED on Google, Yahoo, or the other search engines.
We view ourselves as your partner in this endeavor.

We offer confidentiality. We can and will show you our successful SEO jobs with an appointment, call us at 302-545-3123. We are based in the Philadelphia area, but we can walk you through what we do via phone, if you are sitting in front of any computer with internet access, from anywhere in the world.